This new adult coloring book by artist Mark Stansson, filled with 51 new, unique, never before released floral Mandala designs is the ultimate way to reduce stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and bring relaxation, peace and tranquility to your life. There is something magical about sitting down and coloring, allowing your imagination to flow and feeling your worries disappear. The perfect art therapy, enjoy the benefits of meditation, brain exercise and healing. This is Volume 1 of a series of floral mandala designs. Look for Volume 2 coming soon.

This adult coloring book features:

  • One Image Per Page
    Each design is printed one per page for your convenience.
  • Testing Page
    You don’t have to waste a full mandala design testing your media, we’ve added a testing page to allow you try out your favorite coloring tools!
  • Your Favorite Tools
    Use pens, colored pencils, markers, gel pens, your choice and enjoy!
  • Showcase Your Work
    You can frame your artwork with a standard letter sized 8.5″ x 11″ frame.
  • Makes a Perfect Gift
    Have a friend or family member that is stressed out? Need some stress relief or relaxation? Surprise them with a copy of this book, or pick up a couple copies and have a coloring date!

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Coloring Mandalas For Stress Relief: Floral Edition Vol. 1