TriPro Media, publisher of the newly released adult coloring book by Mark Stansson ‘Coloring for Stress Relief: Floral Edition, Vol. 1’ is proud to announce a free book giveaway in cooperation with the popular website,, starting February 1st!

7 copies of the book, featuring 51 new, unique and never released floral mandala designs, will be given away after the 21 day event ends on February 21st. The giveaway is open to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

“The benefits of coloring for adults have been proven to be very effective in relieving stress, promoting relaxation, setting your mind at ease and promoting a healthy environment” commented the author, Mark Stansson. “I’ve been an artist and designer for my whole life, and just recently learned how much I enjoy sharing my work with others, especially to help bring more peace and relaxation into their lives. The adult coloring movement has become very popular and news sources like CNN, NBC, Fox News, The Washington Post, Parade, Inside Edition, and others have reported the benefits of coloring to beat stress.”

There is no cost or obligation, just enter by visiting the website on the right.

About the book Coloring for Stress Relief:

Coloring for adults is the ultimate way to reduce stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and bring relaxation, peace and tranquility to your life. There is something magical about sitting down and coloring, allowing your imagination to flow and feeling your worries disappear. It’s the perfect art therapy, enjoying the benefits of meditation, brain exercise and healing.

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Coloring Mandalas For Stress Relief: Floral Edition Vol. 1

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